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TIMSA publishes a number of documents on various aspects of insulation.  These publications are now available to freely download. Click on this link below and you will prompted to register for access by entering your email address.


(These are in pdf format for which you will need Adobe Reader.  Go to for a free download if you do not have a copy.)

TIMSA HVAC Guidance for achieving compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations:
  The amended approved document Part L relies on 'second-tier' documents to provide detailed information on the minimum provisions necessary to comply with the requirements of the Regulations. This guidance is is directly referenced in the Approved Documents and outlines the minimum provisions for insulating pipes and ducts serving space heating, hot water and cooling and ventilation systems, both in new-build and existing buildings (38pp)
No 5:  TIMSA Brief:
  New European Legislation and Lambda 90/90 (4pp)
No 4:  Why Insulate?
  - the financial and environmental arguments (8pp)
No 3:  Thermal Insulation of H & V Ductwork:
  TIMSA's recommendations for installing thermal insulation to the outer surface of h&v ductwork (12pp)
No 2:  Thermal Insulation of Industrial Process Plant, Piping and Equipment:
  Elements of design for consideration (8pp)
No 1:  Reduction in Carbon Dioxide Emissions:
  reduction in CO2 emissions provided by pipeline insulation including associated economic benefits (16pp) 


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